APSRTC And TSRTC End Stalemate Over Bus Services, Deets Of Buses Inside..
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Finally, the stalemate over the operation of RTC buses between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana ended with the two state-owned corporations' managing directors agreeing to resume bus services between the two states. For the last six months, state-run bus services have been discontinued. An MoU agreeing to restore inter-state bus services between the two states has been signed by the two MDs of state-owned companies. Since the full lockdown was declared, bus services have remained suspended since March 24th. Even after both government lockdown regulations were relaxed, bus services remained suspended as both states had locked horns over the lucrative sector of Vijayawada-Hyderabad. The route from Hyderabad to Vijayawada and vice-versa is one of the busiest roads in both states.

Telangana maintained that the lucrative route operations must be abandoned by Andhra Pradesh. TSRTC will operate 826 buses across 1,61,258 km in AP, as per the MoU signed on Monday by the MDs of TSRTC and APSRTC, while APSRTC will operate 638 buses across 1,60,999 km in Telangana. TSRTC will work on the Vijayawada route and beyond, with 273 buses in AP over 52,944 km, while APSRTC will run 192 buses in Telangana over 52,524 km. Several rounds of consultations were held by the RTC MDs, but these were not fruitful. APSRTC has operated buses in Telangana on 2.5 lakh route kilometres since the bifurcation, while TSRTC used buses in AP on 1.5 lakh route kilometres.

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