AP YCP Govt. Transfers Sangam Diary Ownership To Guntur Dairy Cooperative Society
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The YCP government has launched a direct attack on the Sangam dairy after jailing its Chairman Dhulipalla Narendra. A GO has been issued to nullify the existence of Sangam as a whole. Its management has been transferred to the Guntur District Milk Producers Cooperative Society. For doing so, the Government has cancelled the permission given to Sangam dairy to function as a milk producers company.

Hastening the process, Tenali Sub Collector Mayur Ashok has visited the Sangam dairy premises already. He initiated the efforts to transfer the management of Sangam to the Guntur Coop Society. The Jagan Reddy GO has also named the Tenali Sub Collector as the incharge officer for this management changeover.

Interestingly, the latest GO is issued at a time when the Sangam dairy issue is being heard in the court. Dhulipalla Narendra has approached the court for relief from the arrest and also for allowing the Sangam dairy to function normally. In its usual style, the Government is making quick steps to outwit the rivals.

From the beginning, the ruling YCP has been aggressive and initiating court battles without the least hesitation. It is spending the public money while the Opposition is finding it difficult to continue the legal struggle.

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