AP YCP Govt., New Chairman Strategy To Influence Sangam Diary
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The Jaganmohan Reddy Government is making quick moves to outwit rivals on the issue of taking over the Sangam dairy in the Guntur district. It is changing its strategies every few hours in order to gain an upper hand. Earlier, the Government issued GO removing the identity of Sangam dairy and the sub collector to take over the dairy. But soon, it has implemented a new strategy wherein a new Chairman is appointed.

The TDP has questioned the Government’s powers to interfere in the affairs of the Sangam dairy which is formed under the Companies Act. As if to overcome this, the ruling YCP leaders changed their game plan. An emergency meeting of the Sangam dairy directors was held at Chintalapudi in Ponnur mandal. Narra Venkata Krishna Prasad was elected as the new Chairman of Sangam dairy.

TDP leader and former Chairman of Sangam dairy Dhulipalla Narendra has been arrested and imprisoned. With the change of Chairman, the ruling YCP leaders are now bent on using the new management to carry out their plans.

Fast paced developments have taken place in Sangam dairy in just two days. The TDP is now making last ditch efforts to convince the directors and the societies in order to prevent the dairy from falling under the YCP influence.

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