AP Successful In Dealing Liquor Issues ?
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The Liquor supply in the whole nation is just raising its own bar every now and then. The recent incident when the wines shops were re-opened in the lockdown period we have witnessed the clear demand for alcohol all over the nation. 

But this is not at all right, firstly opening the wine shops in this pandemic movement and most importantly making people slaves for alcohol from many decades is also not at all a right thing to do for any kind of government that is in power. 

Accordingly, to put a full stop for all this. Andhra Pradesh Government is making its intentions clear to make Andhra Pradesh free fromalcohol addiction. Even to reduce the number of alcohol drinkers in the state. The chief minister of the AP state Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy has promised during the elections that he will make AP free from the effect of alcohol addiction.

On the same path Jagan' s government is rapidly reducing the number of wine shops in the state. Almost around 50% of wine shops are reduced in the state and also by increasing the prices many middle class drinkers are unable to afford liquor, so even in that manner AP is being successful in dealing the issue of heavy liquor supply in the state. Finally Kudos to the Government of AP for taking a great initiative. 

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