AP New Liquor Policy-Wines To Be Close At 8 PM
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The new liquor policy in Andhra Pradesh comes into effective from today and here after the wine stores in the state will be closed at 8 PM. Under the new liquor policy, the state government will run all the wine stores across the state and there are about 3,500.

Until yesterday AP had 4,380 wines and 880 of them which is nearly 20 per cent, are closed. Also, the new policy restricts buyers from buying more than three bottles and in order to eradicate the cheap liquor, the government has also banned spirit sales. In order to prohibit liquor in phase-wise, the government has also initiated woman policing.

Initially, the government decided to run the wines from 10 AM to 9 PM but later this timing was brought down due to unknown reasons. The 3500 wines stores run by government will have 3500 supervisors and 8033 salesman.

The prices of beer, whisky and other beverages were also hiked under the new policy. A 330 ML of beer will now cost Rs 10 extra while in spirits, the government classified them based on Indian and foreign liquor.



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