AP In SHock : Sanchayitha Gajapathi Raju's Politics Are NEXT LEVEL !
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Sanchayitha Gajapathi Raju. She is the chairman of simhachalam trust board and mansas trust. Also She is Ashoka Gajapathi Raju's elder brother's daughter as well. But Ashoka is not at all happy with the Jagan's Government decision on making his elder brother's daughter as the chairman of two effective trusts. 

In the meanwhile Sanchayitha after becoming the chairman of both Simhalachalam trust and mansas trust, she has started playing her stand of next level politics that is shocking many people. 

Actually, she had appointed her secretary and his name is Mohan Kumar who is from Tamil Nadu State. In this lockdown stage how one can travel from one state to another state. Now Sanchayitha using her political influence has brought her secretary to Andhra Pradesh and actually in the aspects of corona Tamil Nadu State is a red zone state but whereas vizag city is in complete green zone. Thereby, the media somehow got the information that Sanchayitha has brought her secretary from Tamil Nadu using her political influence. Then few government officials went to mansas trust to solve the issue.

But in front of Sanchayitha influence nothing went as per law. Just the government officials requested Sanchayitha and her secretary to stay in the mansas trust palace as if in quarantine and even requested them not to come out of the palace. 

Also regarding simhachalam temple, there is a lot of rubchar going on. On the occasion of Pavitra Chandrotsavam which is a very important day for the temple. And there were few essential pooja prayers that were commenced on that day and there is no entry for anyone in the temple except for few trust board members. But one person named Tirupati Sreenu has gone directly into the temple and has also done his prayers. Knowing this incident, respective government officials suspended the main chief Poojari for showing his negligence. This is how things are happening in Andhra Pradesh. Influence can do anything at any point of time and especially in this pandemic movement how can the government take such risky steps keeping many common people 's lifes at stake. Even still any kind of action was not taken against Sanchayitha. This proves that politics are all about influences. 

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