AP HM Sucharita Defends Police's Mistakes Once Again, Deets Inside
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Most of the time, Home Minister Sucharita is quiet about some significant breach or problem of law and order. But, any time the AP Police face extreme charges of human rights abuses or complicity with the ruling party leaders, she makes unfailing final appearances. In the latest case, Sucharita made her belated appearance again and came to the police's open defence. It comes at a time when, in the Amaravati struggle, the police and government faced a bitter onslaught from all corners over the handicap of Dalit farmers. It has been a regular occurrence from the beginning for the Dalit Lady Home Minister to make it a point to justify police acts irrespective of the extreme nature of their transgressions. It is well known how Dr Sudhakar and Dr Anitha Rani, the Dalit doctors, were harassed. Scores of Dalit atrocities came to light, but no stringent action was launched anywhere.

Even with regard to the allegations against the Amaravati women, the Home Minister remained silent and only defended the police. Now, as the protests grew against the incident of handcuffing, Sucharita came before the people and heaped praise on the AP Police in just one year for winning more than 100 medals. She asserted that under the Jagan Reddy Administration, the AP Police were never under any kind of political control. She gave the police a clean chit regardless of the incident at all. Like the police arriving after the hero finishes the villain in Telugu movies, the Lady Home Minister has become a ritual in AP these days to arrive at the last scene after the opposition protests hit a peak against police inaction despite the severe nature of crimes taking place in front of their eyes

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