AP Govt., Ultimatum To Stamps & Registration Dept. Officials On Corruption
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Tirupati: AP Government whip and Chandragiri MLA Chevi Reddy Bhaskar Reddy strongly warned all the Chandragiri constituency registration department staff. Whip held a discussion meeting with stamps and officials from the registration department on Tuesday morning about several grievances received from the people. In this context, CheviReddy has specifically indicated that if someone has no interest in working honestly, they should move to another position otherwise they will face more consequences.

He instructed the rural Tirupati and Chandragiri sub-registrars and other areas to do the work with the people in a friendly atmosphere. As of now, I have received many people complaints about property registration, if I started questioning your in-duty malpractices, no one would work here for several days, stressed MLA CheviReddy. Hereafter, even a single complaint would come against officials from the registration department I can't spare any official, the anti-corruption cases have to face, he added.

MLA questioned why sub-registrars are encouraging the document writers set up, the state government had abolished this system several days earlier and advised that document writers would not be allowed as intermediaries in the registration activities. If I receive any complaint about involvement of document writers and malpractices of officials in property registration, they will have to face police criminal cases in the future, warned Chevi Reddy. He recalled that few officials made a lot of mistakes in the registration of properties because of those errors, many innocent people have been involved in civil cases in and around the courts.

I have found that few officials are unofficially selling government lands to private persons on the basis of the VROs certificate, it is completely contrary to the law, they have to face government action over violations of these laws, MLA CheviReddy said. And he also pointed out how officials from the registration department made the registrations for TUDA mortgaged lands to private individuals. In this relation, MLA instructed the officials concerned to show fixed land values in each Panchayati on board the government. Hari Krishna, Secretary Lakshmi, Sub-Registrars and all constituency MROs were present at the meeting of TUDA Vice President.

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