AP CM YS Jagan's Criminal Case Relating To A Collector Closed
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In 2017, the then Opposition Leader YS Jagan barged into the mortuary at the General Hospital after the ghastly Diwakar Travels bus tragedy. He also took documents from officials and threatened Ahmad Babu, the then District Collector. Videos showing that YS Jagan was intimidated and threatened to send the Collector to the Central Jail were available. Based on the proof available, the police filed a case against YS Jagan. It should be remembered that during the Chandrababu Naidu regime, Ahmad Babu was known as one of the favourite IAS officers. So, CM YS Jagan did not offer him an immediate post after coming to power. A few months later, Ahmad Babu had to lobby the YCP leaders to regain a post in the government. As usual, he was carrying out his duties. The Krishna District Police have now, all of a sudden, closed the harassment case brought against the CM.

The CI concerned filed the charge sheet stating that it was 'a factual error.' The charge sheet stated that since AP CM YS Jagan was just trying to obtain real facts about how the bus mishap took place, there was no intimidation involved. The police in the case were not even serving notice to the prime accused Jagan. At one point, when the main accused was not served notice and not given bail, the court was wondering how to give bail to the other accused. Political circles are full of rumours that, as ordered by the Supreme Court of India, this case was hastily closed in view of the imminent threat of speeding up the cases against the MLAs and the MPs.

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