AP CM Y.S Jagan Has To Answer This Question!
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After the 40 days of strict lockdown all over the country, slowly the situations are seeming to become normal. Accordingly, the lockdown in red zones is almost for this whole month. But in the meantime, why few state governments are heading towards opening liquor shops is the biggest question. 

And there is a clear answer from every government that just to fill the government's lockers with cash by imposing heavy taxeson liquor. Thereby AP state government has re opened all the wine shops all over the state including red zone areas as well. 

Even there is 75 % of extra taxes on liquor. Observing the whole situation a minority citizen from Andhra Pradesh state has released a video questioning the AP CM Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy. The minority citizen has stated in his video that due to the widespread of coronavirus the lockdown is imposed and all the masjids are closed even in the time of Ramzan.

If they are heavy gatherings the spread of the virus will be more and that is the main reason why all the masjids are closed. Everyone is doing his namaz in one's home itself. 

But why the hell are wine shops open now as the lockdown is still happening. If the people gather at wine shops then corona will not spread is the straight question from the minority citizen to the state chief minister. His video is going viral on social media now. 

But all the government's are defending themselves that as they have increased the prices there will be no big gatherings. This is such a silly logic. Anyhow our politicians never care about what the public says. But it will be an interesting contest if AP CM answers the question raised by the minority citizen. 

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