An Unknown Ladys Voice Clip Targets Pawan Kalyan-Political Rivals High Drama
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Internet went into tizzy with a voice clip allegedly belonging to actress Poonam Kaur is widely circulated, shared. The voice clip targets Pawan Kalyan. It's a lady voice and the lady in the audio clip alleges Pawan Kalyan of cheating her. She alleged that she even cancelled her marriage plan and remained unmarried for Pawan Kalyan. The lady also alleged Pawan of ignoring her and she even fired on Pawan's close friend and director Trivikram Srinivas.

Now, all eyes are on who is the lady in question in the voice clip that is going viral. While Pawan fans are vehemently denying the audio clip and calling it as a "fake" voice and alleging that political rivals are behind this drama at this juncture, a few are supporting the lady in the voice clip.

So far, no lady has come forward and owned the voice in the clip. Also, the authenticity of the clip is still being questioned by Pawan's fans and Janasena activists. Poonam has neither confirmed nor denied the rumours surrounding the audio clip. Will Poonam break her silence? Will she clarify?



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