All You Need To Know About Darbar Move In Jammu And Kashmir
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arbar Move in Jammu and Kashmir is an age-old tradition which involves moving the capital of the region twice a year. The Jammu and Kashmir government functions in Jammu during the six months of winter and in Srinagar for the next six months as the summer sets in. Thus, it is a century-old practice in which government functions for six months each in Srinagar and Jammu.

When was it started?

The practice of 'Darbar Move' was started by Maharaja Ranbir Singh in the year 1872  to escape extreme weather conditions in these places. The main motive of this move was to escape the extreme weather conditions in the two regions. Thus, it is a bi-annual shift of the secretariat and other government offices, files and government documents of Jammu and Kashmir from one capital to another.

All about Darbar Move

Under this move, the government will function in the summer capital of the state i.e. Srinagar, from May till late October. It will later move to Jammu, the winter capital, in the first week of November to escape the extreme weather conditions.

When the shift takes place, Srinagar usually receives a facelift every year and all security measures are taken into consideration for the smooth functioning of the offices there. Also, almost hundreds of trucks are loaded to carry files, documents, furniture which are packed in bundles, cartons and transported to other capital.

The issue of discontinuing the move has occasionally been raised as it involves huge funding and a certain degree of risk while transporting the documents from one region to another over a distance of 300 km between Jammu and Srinagar and vice-versa twice a year.  However, this move acts as a bridge between two diverse cultures of the Kashmir Valley and the Jammu region. Over 10,000 employees shift the capital which has been introduced in 1872 to escape the extreme weather conditions in these places.

Ahead of this move, the officials stated that roads, as well as the seat of the government along with government offices, are renovated. Even the streetlights are restored for the proper functioning of this move.



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