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G.O.111..Anyone who hears this name will be Alerted in their own way. This G.O has recently created Stir in Telangana state politics and provoked panic in all sections. Farm farmers are the scapegoats in this political monster game. The lush green countryside that is nurtured by the survivors is buried in concrete buildings. The film '111' is the result of a young man's rebellion against the atrocities committed by the Politicians and their henchmen.

The movie is a  heartwarming visualization of the realities and serene lifestyles of the Society. This is not for few or for a particular zone of audience. It is everyone's story. Its about the Pain of all of us. A living real story. The film opens with an attempt to say that government organisations should support and should stay as a backbone for the better living of the people. The film '111' is set in a village in the suburbs of Hyderabad.

Under the Direction of Suresh Kondeti, Y. Raghunath Reddy and Snehalatha are Producing the film. Leander Lee Marty, Surveshmurari are the Music Composers. The Producers of the Film said that they will give full details about the film soon.

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