Akkineni Fans Worried Of Carrying A Girl Pose Sentiment For Akhil
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Like it was said many times already, the film industry is full of sentiments. Most of the times, those sentiments have defied all the odds only to stand true. Now Akkineni fans are wondering if their young hero will face the ire of similar sentiments.

There are many instances where heroes used the Rajnikanth publicised baba hand mudra, and all those films surprisingly flopped at box office. Latest observation is that, whenever a hero is carrying his heroine on a two-wheeler, with the lady sitting or standing opposite to him on that, that film is getting axed at the box office. This is being called as the troubles caused by 'carrying a girl' pose. 

Recently Allu Arjun carried Anu Emmanuel on a cycle in Naa Peru Surya (in a song), where she sits opposite to him in the front. And then we have Paperboy movie, where the hero and heroine replicated similar pose. Now in Mr Majnu, Akhil is seen holding some foreign models on his powered skateboard (electric scooter) in a similar fashion. That's the reason fans are worrying about the sentiment. 

Many stars have broken many jinxes many times and hope Akhil will quash all such sentiments with his next. 





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