Ajith Plucks Phone From Fan’s Hand
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Thala Ajith is one of the popular film personalities in the country. The actor enjoys stardom in the Kollywood film industry. Ajith is known as one of the few actors who is loved for his simplicity. He never attends public functions and avoids attention from anyone. Whenever he is in a public place, he always obliged the requests of the fans for selfies and autographs. But, he was miffed by a fan this morning who tried to take a selfie with him without his consent. An angered Ajith snatched the fan from the fan’s hand.

Along with his wife Shalini, Ajith reached the polling booth early. The actor wanted to cast his vote as early as possible. However, by the time he reached the polling booth, there were a lot of people at booth. Ajith’s fans also gathered in large numbers to catch his glimpse. A few over-enthusiastic fans started capturing his photos and a couple of them even took selfies with him without his consent. Ajith was seen unhappy on the same.

The video https://t.co/7LlaAvLf35 pic.twitter.com/1Uxt9vA5Hb

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While the actor was requesting a fan to not take the picture, another fan from the other side repeated the same. Ajith who lost his patience snatched his phone. However, we learned that the actor handed over the phone to the fan later. There were cops around Ajith while this happened and as soon as they understood that the actor was angry, they cleared the crowd.

Ajith was never in the news for losing his patience but it must be tough for him to deal with crowds, especially during the COVID times. Moreover, the fans should also give space to their favorite actors and ask for their consent before taking their pictures. With this incident, we hope that, at least, a few realize the importance of consent and respect the privacy of the actors

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