Ajay Bhupathi Reacts On Trolls Over Teens Suicide
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A couple of days ago, two teenage boys named Mahender and Ravi Teja from Jagityal in Telangana committed suicide by pouring petrol on their bodies and torching themselves. Apparently, both the young boys were in love with the same girl, and they took the drastic step after they realised that their love cannot be successful. The case became sensational as the Jagityal Prema Desam case.

A day later, there were reports that the local police found out in their investigation that the two boys were inspired by the blockbuster romantic drama 'RX100' in taking their lives. Soon, netizens began targeting the movie and its director and actors on social media.

RX 100's director Ajay Bhupathi finally responded on the issue. "RX 100 was an A rated movie and the two boys were under 18 years. This means that they were not supposed to watch RX 100. They should have been stopped from watching the film," said Ajay. Well, that's definitely a logical explanation, but it remains to be seen how netizens will react to his statement. 

Meanwhile, RX 100 hero Kartikeya said that the film doesn't show suicide in any scene and requested everyone not to target movies based on sensitive issues. "We are artists not terrorists. No movie preaches negative things to audiences," said the young hero.





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