AICC Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju -'KCR Is An Anakonda It's Time Has Come'
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On Monday, AICC spokesman Dr Sravan Dasoju criticised the State Election Commissioner (SEC) for carrying out the GHMC elections in the most fraudulent manner by breaching every constitutional law.  "SEC is simply acting as a slave of KCR and following the instructions of his king," he slammed. He reported that the SEC and the police department worked with the ruling TRS party and "openly murdered democracy." The police force had become a subdued spectator, while the TRS leaders protested the enormous money being distributed to the voters in the GHMC zone. 

"Like a locust gang, in the presence of the police, the TRS cadres have begun distributing money to voters in an organised crime fashion. The TRS party leaders have been distributing Rs 5,000 per vote in the GHMC region over the past 24 hours with the help of stolen money from flood relief funds. In a lane, they first cut power supply and disperse cash and go away like robbers," he explained. Dr Sravan presented a few videos to the media, accompanied by former Congress Party MP Madhu Yashki Goud, in which TRS leaders were allegedly seen distributing money to the voters. "I'm asking Mahendar Reddy of the DGP and Anjan Kumar of the CP. Can't you see what's going on in Hyderabad? Where did your 48,000 police go? Have you just found the money in the elections in Dubbaka, not elsewhere?", Dr Sravan questioned. 

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