After Amara Raja Batteries, Now AP YCP Social Media Targets Amara Raja Hospital
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The YCP Government is continuing its relentless attacks on the industries, property and hospitals belonging to the family of TDP MP Galla Jayadev. The latest attack was made on the Amara Raja Hospital owned by Jayadev’s sister Rama Devi in Tirupati town. The YCP leaders began a social media campaign saying that the negligence of the hospital management led to the untimely death of engineer Sekhar.

The social media activists spread rumours that the Covid-infected engineer died outside the Amara Raja hospital because the staff did not give timely admission and healthcare. The videos went viral on social media. The hospital management had no option but to issue defensive arguments.

Hospital Medical Director Rama Devi has clarified that the engineer died due to heart attack and also because of pulmonary embolism. Their staff tried to admit the patient in the emergency room but he passed away by that time. There was no negligence on the part of the staff. The engineer was treated for Coronavirus infection at a different hospital but not at Amara Raja.

Already, the Amara Raja Batteries had to be closed down after the Government cut off power supply citing reasons of pollution.

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