After 20 Years,I Have Re-entered Politics-Mohan Babu
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As expected Collection King Mohan Babu has joined YSR Congress party. On Tuesday, Mohan Babu along with his son Vishnu reached Lotus Pond and met Jagan. Post meeting with Jagan, Mohan Babu called on the press at Park Hyatt hotel.

With YSRCP's scarf on his shoulder, Mohan Babu sat before the media. "After 20 years, I have re-entered politics. I did not make a comeback to politics just for the sake of one MLA seat or MP seat. I clarified to Jagan that I'm not expecting anything from him. If that's the case, I could have joined Jagan's party about three years back. I wholeheartedly feel that YSRCP will win the elections and Jagan will become the chief minister of AP," said Mohan Babu.

Over fee reimbursement row, Mohan Babu and TDP are on a war of words for the past few days. Speaking on this, he said, "Over the last three years, I have raised this issue with Chandrababu many a times. He assured me that he would pay on behalf of the government. This is not any issue as in February this year, I have written a letter to the AP CM. With no proper response, I have no other option than to protest."

Adding, "My educational institutes got recognition from all government authorities and it's not my own statement."



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