Actor Vidyulekha Raman Slams Trolls On Swimsuit Pic
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South actress Vidyulekha Raman recently posted a picture of herself in a swimsuit from her honeymoon on Instagram and it didn't go down well with a section of her followers, who went on to troll her for wearing a bikini. Vidyulekha Raman got married to her fiancé Sanjay, who is a fitness expert, on September 9 and the duo recently returned from their honeymoon in the Maldives. Earlier this week, she posted a stunning picture of herself sporting a yellow floral print swimsuit and chilling on the beach. "I need a 6-month vacation twice a year," she wrote in the caption.
However, after some time, Vidyulekha Raman shared that she has been getting messages and comments like "when is your divorce" from few users for wearing a swimsuit and then shut down the trolls by telling them: "Live and let live."

She wrote in a lengthy note on her Instagram story: "Hi friends, been getting messages like, 'When is my divorce?' etc. Just because I am wearing a swimsuit? Wow. Get out of 1920 aunties and uncles. Come to 2021! What is problematic is not the negative comments, but the way we're thinking as a society. If a woman's clothing is reason for her divorce, then shouldn't everyone 'properly dressed' be in happy marriages? I am extremely fortunate to have a secure husband like Sanjay, who shares different moral beliefs with me. He told me to ignore and not to address this. But I simply cannot brush this off."

"I cannot change your toxic, narrow mind or extremely regressive outlook to life. I just hope the women in your life stand up for the sexist, oppressive and downright insulting way in which you look at a woman and her individuality. #LiveAndLetLive," she added.

Here's how Vidyulekha Raman shut down the trolls on her Instagram story:


During her stay in the Maldives, Vidyulekha Raman posted some really gorgeous photos of herself on Instagram.

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