Actor Suresh Ex Wife And Present Wife Are Close Friends'
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There are many who flourished in film industry. Some earn big and some procure fame. But sometimes, due to different reasons, the personal lives also get affected.

 Actor Suresh shared that he had to divorce his wife due to his film profession.

"I loved a girl and got married. She too acted in film with me. She is also a good singer. At that time we were in struggle. She didn't like film industry. 

She said that it is better to study and settle abroad. My position was also not so good at that time. We married on the condition of leaving the film industry". He continued saying, "But surprisingly after the marriage I became busy with films. There was a time when I acted in 18 films in a single year. The days used to run with story discussions, shootings and excessive travel. I requested my wife to rethink about her decision. But she didn't agree. On the force of parents we gave birth to a boy with an idea of getting the things right. But nothing worked. We got divorced".

Finally Suresh also said that her ex wife has been his friend despite separation. Above that he also shared that his present wife has also become a close friend to his first wife.

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