72 Families Quarantined After Pizza Delivery Boy Tests Positive
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In what could be a bigger shock, a Pizza Delivery boy who works at a restaurant in South Delhi Shas tested positive for COVID-19 other day. This has pushed many consumers that ordered from Zomato and other apps into a shocker and authorities have identified the 72 families that might have come in contact with these persons, as he delivered pizzas to them.

Delhi officials have confirmed that none of the colleagues of the Pizza Delivery boy tested positive for coronavirus while the 72 families are advised to follow self-quarantine as a protocol.

Though everyone is assured that there is nothing to worry about, panic is now gripping about accepting deliveries from online food apps and other e-commerce sites. However, in this particular case, all the colleagues for the delivery boy have tested negative, while the restaurant he's working at, is shut down with immediate effect.

One of the biggest fears many are worried about is the way coronavirus could spread through other means. Other day when reports of Covid-19 passing through currency notes cropped up in Andhra Pradesh, the situation turned panicky.

And now that a Pizza delivery boy tested positive, now people who are ordering things online might fear to not go for it anymore. Hope more care will be taken in those areas such that panic will not spread.



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