70% ‘Corona Tax’ On Liquor In Delhi
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The governments have decided to reopen the public life along with the economy, but the Delhi government is launching a ‘special corona fee’ from Tuesday on the biggest source of revenue generation.

It is already known that almost all the zones except the containment pockets will be opening liquor stores and the Delhi government decided to impose a ‘special corona fee’, a 70 percent tax on MRP of liquor bottles, from Tuesday.

To boost the slowed down and stagnated government revenues, the alcohol sales play a crucial role and with Delhi under lockdown from March 23, the liquor sales are sure to shoot up in the next few days.

This new move of the Delhi Government has a fair chance to control the excessive sales citing reasons like health, domestic violence, etc, and also earn the targeted revenue with extra corona fee.

According to the revenue numbers, the Delhi government earned around 3500 crore rupees in the month of April of 2019, while the numbers dropped to just 300 crore rupees in April 2020.

Also, the neighboring state Haryana is planning to impose a special Covid cess on liquor to support other areas and industries that were worst hit by the coronavirus and lockdown.



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