325 Vacancies Including School Assistant-Hindi Released By TSPSC, Deets Inside
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Hyderabad: Yesterday, on Thursday, the Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) published the results of 325 vacancies, completing the hiring of 31,048 posts in Telangana to date. The 325 vacancies comprise 167 Assistant Professors' positions under the Medical Education Directorate (DME) and 158 School Assistant (Hindi) positions listed under the Teachers Recruitment Test (TRT). The verification certificate for the notified 158 School Assistant (Hindi) vacancies was held in six different spells on different dates. Of the 158 vacancies registered, 148 are filled while three remain unfilled due to the non-availability of eligible applicants, two other positions have been withheld due to court proceedings, and five PH (physically disabled) vacancies will be registered later upon receipt of medical reports, the Commission said.

In 2017, the TSPSC released a notification of 479 assistant professors' vacancies for 45 medical specialties. Because of court proceedings, the selection of five clinical specialities and one super speciality was pending and published. Despite the Covid Pandemic, interviews were conducted between 13 and 19 October with the selected candidates. Out of the 167 positions of Assistant Professors in the Department of Anaesthesiology, OBG, General Medicine, ENT, Psychiatry and Super Specialty in Nephrology, 107 positions were filled and 59 vacancies remained unfilled because qualified candidates were not accessible. The results of one vacancy will be announced after an interview. DME Assistant Professors is a specialised notification provided by TSPSC and filling the large number of assistant professors' vacancies would provide some respite in the current pandemic situation and help improve overall health services in Telangana, said Ghanta Chakrapani, Chairman of TSPSC.

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