1000 Farmers Have Decided To Contest Against Kavitha As A Mark Of Protest
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TRS Nizamabad MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha is likely to have hard time in the Lok Sabha elections. 1000 farmers have decided to contest against Kavitha as a mark of protest.

The reason being Nizamabad farmers are protesting for minimum support price for turmeric and Red Jowar crops for the past couple of months. But the TRS government ignored the farmers agitation and so Kavitha could not give any assurance to the farmers. Upset and anguished by this attitude, the farmers recently called for a meeting and took a unanimous decision to field 1000 farmers for the Nizamabad MP seat. They will also file nomination very soon.

This could reduce the majority of Kavitha and benefit the oppositions. However, the election commission might step into action and may reject nominations if it finds inappropriate.

Anyway we have to see the result of Nizamabad MP seat which is going to be very interesting. Will Kavitha defies all odds? Can't say now.




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