The Capital Woes: Documentary On Burning Issue Of AP Capital Amaravathi
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‘We have lost valuable lands and are on the road! Is it a mistake to give our farms? It's scary to open our mouths against them! Do us justice! Show us the solution! '. They were the cries of the peasants who were given lands for the capital Amravati. Sridhar Dharmasanam has made a documentary titled 'The Capital Woes' about the agony of farmers who have been protesting for few months and are worried. The documentary shows the situation at the ground level, regardless of party affiliation. When he was asked about why he came up with the idea of ​​making a documentary on the subject of Amravati Rajdhani, he said:

“The Amravati peasant movement has been propagated as a political movement. But the actual conditions there are different. I talked to the farmers back in the villages there for three days to find out what was going on at ground level. I made this documentary with what they said. There are two allegations in this movement. The first allegation is there is only a single party who has the major impulse. The second is that only those belonging to one caste are doing it. Are these two things true? I wandered around the villages there to find out the truth. The conditions there are completely different. There are people from all walks of life in the Amravati movement. I made this documentary just to let people know how they think. There was a good response".

The documentary can be viewed at the link

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