' Sex ' Quarantines Are Coming .. This Is Going To Be Sensational !
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Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus in China, the dangerous virus is rapidly spreading all over the globe. The coronavirus victims are recognised with the symptoms of fever, cough and cold also with breathing problems as well. 

Accordingly, many scientists around the world are working round the clock by doing different kind of research activities in order to find the vaccine for Coronavirus and also to even identify that in how many ways is the virus rapidly spreading among human beings.

Then, few scientists came to an extent in their research and said that they are many chances for the coronavirus to spread even while having sex. The virus enters through receptor ACE-2. SO, as research is still going on and the scientists are unable to tell any more facts. But they have stated that it's not safe to have sex with the coronavirus effected people and instead they must be kept in 14 days quarantine at least,in order to stop the spread of coronavirus through sex between two people. 

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