Paytm Back On Google But Lacks Important Useful Feature, Users Unhappy?!!?..
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Paytm is back on the Play Store hours after the application has been taken down for violating gambling policies. Google removed the Paytm app from the Play Store earlier, while other apps were still available on the site, such as Paytm for Business, Paytm mall, Paytm Money, and a few more. Paytm released an official statement commenting on the matter and said Google removed the app as it violated the gambling policies of the Play Store. "We are continuing to work with Google to restore the application. All our users are assured that their balances and linked accounts are 100 % secure. "Our services on all current apps are completely functional and you can continue to enjoy Paytm as before," the company said.

In its play store, Google forbids online casinos and other unregulated gaming software. It leaves out even fantasy sports sites like Dream 11. The tech giant also reveals that Play Store policies are explicitly in violation of an app that leads users to an external platform that allows them to compete to real money in paying tournaments. Google's Suzanne Frey, Vice President, Product, Android Security and Privacy, states in a blog post posted earlier Friday, "We don't allow online casinos or endorse any unauthorised gambling applications that facilitate sports betting. This involves a breach of our policy if an app leads customers to an external website that allows them to compete in paid tournaments to win real money or cash prizes.

“We have these policies to protect users from potential harm, "Frey continues ,"We inform the developer of the infringement when an app breaks these policies and delete the app from Google Play before the developer brings the app into compliance. In the event of persistent breaches of the policy, we can take more drastic action which may involve terminating Google Play Developer accounts. Our policies are continuously followed and extended to all developer”

Commenting on the matter, Akash Karmakar of Panag and Babu Law Offices, representing different tech and app firms, said," Although PayTM did not participate directly in or encourage sports betting or gambling, it did have ties to third-party websites. Google may have viewed the ease of using PayTM on these third-party apps as the factor that makes PayTM supportive of such pages. Google seems to have taken an ethical stance against applications that encourage illegal gambling apps that allow sports betting or even advertise them. Since many other apps also promote betting and gambling websites through advertisements and pop-ups, if the same norm were enforced by Google, I would expect more apps to be removed from the Play Store.”

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