Pawan Reveals About His Growing Beard
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These days politicians are doing some extreme stunts to win people's trust in elections. One of them is growing beard. We have seen many leaders swearing that they would not take off their beard until they win the elections. Few have succeeded while few could not but for Pawan, it's totally a different thing.

When asked about his growing beard habit, Pawan said he doesn't bother much about it. 'When I was in films, I had to groom every now and then. But now that I'm staying away from the big screen and moreover I generally stay like this. As I keep my personal space private, people and fans do get shock sometimes,' said Pawan and added that he doesn't follow any sentiment sort off like few politicians to this regard.

Also about appearing white lungi most of the times, the Jana Sena chief replied that he gives immense respect to the tradition and culture. 'If not us, who will honour our tradition and I feel comfortable, if I'm in this outifit,' said Pawan.

So there is nothing sentiment as such about Pawan growing beard and he will take it off whenever he feels he like to do so. 



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