Mumait Khan Complaint On Cab Driver For Threatening And Abusing On Her Way Back From Goa
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As actress Mumaith Khan filed a complaint against a cab driver, Raju, accusing him of cheating and defaming her, high drama ensued at Punjagutta Police Station on Thursday evening. It all started with the driver sharing a social media post that has now been deleted, stating that the actress did not pay him '15000 for toll gate fees and driver's allowance incurred on a recent trip to Goa. The post soon went viral and won the actress several brickbats from users of social media who started trolling her.

A miffed Mumait fumes that there is no justification for these charges. I booked a taxi to go from Hyderabad to Goa and back. He had demanded 20,000 and I agreed to pay 22,000, including permits for stay, food and travel. But we realised after we started our journey that he didn't have the necessary travel permits to pay extra at the border with Karnataka. "It was such an experience," she said after the lawsuit was filed. Apparently, on her way back, she was travelling with a friend, Javed, and her cat, Molly, and felt threatened by the actions of the driver.

"We stayed for an extra day instead of leaving on September 20, and left for Hyderabad on September 21. I decided to pay an additional '1000 for it. But along the way, his behaviour turned threatening. He carried a danda (stick) and kept trying to secretly record me while updating some individuals about our location. And he asked us to pay '8000 more on top of the' 23,500 we had already paid and refused to give us our bags when we reached Hyderabad, "she says, adding, "I decided to file a complaint for cheating, reckless driving and assault. I hope that the police are going to take strict action," she says. When we spoke to M Niranjan Reddy at the Punjagutta Police Station with the SHO, he said," We have registered Mumait Khan's complaint. We will talk to the two interested parties, further examine and decide on the course of action that needs to be taken."

In the meantime, Raju said he is working with the Association of Telangana Cab Drivers to file a counter-complaint against the actress." She took me to Goa with the promise of paying for my stay, food, and cash. She declined to pay me upon reaching Goa and said she would 'settle it' after coming back to Hyderabad. After returning to Hyderabad, she just paid me 12,000 and went south. This is nothing but brazen cheating, and I hope action will be taken against her in order not to cheat more innocent cab drivers," Raju told reporters on Friday.

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