Malla Reddy, A Retired IPS Officer To Be Appointed As ACB Head
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The state of Andhra Pradesh is literally run by people belonging to the Reddy caste, from every nook and corner. Despite a lot of criticism, the AP government, run by the YSRCP party, doesn’t make the slightest efforts to try and recruit anyone else other than people belonging to the Reddy community, into one of their major posts.Yet again, the YSRCP government has done the same thing, by appointing Malla Reddy, a retired IPS officer from Telangana State, as the head of the ACB. Usually, this post is to be given to someone who is not retired, and who is still in service. With Malla Reddy being appointed as the head of the ACB, political circles are rife with rumors about the situation in the state getting even worse. 

The ACB has already harassed the farmers of Amaravati with various allegations, and various false cases on them. Now with the appointment of Malla Reddy, things are expected to get a lot worse for them, and for the state as well, with many opposition members saying that the YSRCP party will try to exercise their ownership over the state even more.With Malla Reddy as the new head of the ACB, all important posts in the government are now filled with Reddys, and even the TTD board is filled with people belonging to the Reddy community.

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