India May See Up To 13 Lakh Cases Of COVID-19
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Are the advanced Western nations jealous of India's strong Covid 19 control measures, which are effectively leashing in the Corona virus spread? It appears so. Some British officials have even commented that had it not been China, the Corona would have spread much faster. They said it would have been a disaster had it been India. Yet, India has been faring much better than many advanced countries in terms of Corona control.

A latest multi-disciplinary research report based out of the US has said that the country could have anywhere between one lakh to 13 lakh Corona cases by mid-May. The report says that while India appears to be doing well currently and looks better than countries like the US, things could soon go out of hand as the critical infrastructure is lacking. The report says India lacks testing capabilities and the accuracy of the tests is also questionable. The report says that India has tested only a few samples so far and a lot of positive people  my have escaped the tests due to various lacunae in the system.

The report says that in India, the number of hospitals per thousand people is 0.7 compared to 6.5 in Frace, 11.5  in South Korea, 4.2 in China, 3.4 in the US and 2.8 in Italy. But, there is only one thing standing between this prediction and the reality. That is Indians' resolve to quarantine themselves. Will India pass the test?



26 Mar, 2020 0 1211
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