BJP High Command Needs To Re-work Its Strategy For Tamilnadu
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi ensures that he strikes a local chord whenever he visits a place. Invoking former Chief Minister of the state, MG Ramachandran's (MGR),  legacy during his address to public in Kancheepuram, he said that the NDA government has decided to rename the Chennai Central Railway Station after MGR.

In the run up to his Tamil Nadu visit, earlier too, Modi made statements saying Indian Airforce Pilot Abhinandan, who was captured by Pakistan after India-Pakistan tensions escalated, is also from Tamil Nadu. Not only did he say that but he also added that India's Defence Minister belongs to Tamil Nadu. With references like these, Modi and his party believe that they will be able to attract considerable vote bank from the state that is outwardly against the BJP. 

The Tamils have always been a population which believed in regional parties. Even the regional parties of the state, AIADMK, DMK or PMK and the others have always put Tamil sentiment above all. Their rebellion against BJP is also because of their anti-Hindi stance which began with Periyar's legacy. Recently too, there were "Modi, Go Back" protests which erupted in the state during one of his visits. 

While the BJP may have politically allied with the AIADMK for the General Elections, Modi and his regional gimmicks, political observers say will not work for the BJP as Tamils have never supported the saffron party. Additionally, Tamils have always voiced their anti-BJP sentiment loudly and clearly in the country whenever necessary. So, may be the BJP High Command needs to re-work its strategy for the South, especially Tamil Nadu, where regional sentiment rules the roost! 



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