Are Dark Days Are Unavoidable In Rajanna Rajyam
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The incessant power cuts in Andhra Pradesh are worrying people as several businesses, daily works, small scale industries to large scale industries to farmers who need the power to supply water to fields are at stake. While this was not the case when Chandrababu Naidu was the CM, this sudden and rampant power cuts after YS Jagan became CM has become a worry to people as well as YCP leaders.

Even when India and Pakistan crucial world cup match was happening the other day, there were said to be power cut in several areas in AP. This said to have irked many of cricket fans. Although cricket is not something that has public interest, slowly there is growing angst among people over the huge power cuts in the state.

Going into details, it is buzzed that Naidu used to buy the power from other states at the higher quote and thus ensured that power supply is continuous and abundant in the new state in order to businessmen to set up their new businesses and thus provide employment to more and make the new state progress. On the contrary, for reasons not known to us and better known to Jagan and his aides, YS Jagan is said to be not purchasing the required power.

Earlier in Jan 2019, APSPDCL CMD MM Nayak had directed the electricity department that power cut at towns and cities shouldn't exceed more than 30 minutes in a month and it shouldn't exceed more than 1 hour in rural areas in a month. Even if the electricity is interrupted at any place due to any reason, a message should be sent to the local people through Ujjain citizen app. But quite contrary to this, the huge power cuts in AP is causing great worry to people and the problem of electricity shortage looms large. Is this the Rajanna Rajyam that Jagan and YCP promised of? Are Chikati Rojulu (dark days) are unavoidable in Rajanna Rajyam? 



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