Ajeya Kallam Appointed As Administrative Guru To AP CM
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From the last one year, there are rumours that the then CM aspirant YS Jagan is actually taking 'administration' related classes from just retired AP Chief Secretary Ajeya Kallam, who has a meritorious track record as a commendable IAS officer. And now, the CM rewarded him with a big post.

A while ago, Andhra Pradesh government has appointed Ex IAS officer Ajeya Kallam as a Special Advisor to AP CM YS Jagan. Not only Ajeya Kallam will be guiding Jagan in the administration but will function independently like a cabinet minister with almost 10 officers working under him directly. Also, the retired IAS is going to handle all the top IAS and IPS officers for Jagan, as he knows all of them inside out. 

Some reports are indicating that 'administrative guru' of Jagan is the highest paid Advisor to the government with annual pay of 30 lakhs, while travel and daily allowances are extra. Looks like YS Jagan wants to give better governance and hence he wants to be flanked by talented and able officers. 

During TDP government, where Ajeya Kallam worked as CS, he commented openly that corruption is getting heaped inside the government. Also, he's critical of some projects and agreements between the AP government and Singapore. We have to see in what way he guides Jagan now. 



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